Making Peace outdoor exhibition

A major outdoor exhibit presenting over a century of photography, that aims to educate the public, especially young people, about which five key elements are necessary to build a 'sustainable peace'.

Making Peace also pays tribute to the people who — all over the planet — devote their time, energy and resources to the cause of peace and how these persons and organizations have shaped and influenced the course of the 20th century. Importantly, the exhibition is accompanied by an Educator's Guide that teachers can use creatively in the classroom.

To date Making Peace has been presented in 12 major cities including, Basel, Geneva, Ieper, Strasbourg, Sarajevo, Utrecht, and Stockholm at the prestigious Nobel Museum. This is the exhibit's 1st North American showing.

Front Street East
Canary District / Corktown

Between Cooperage Street and Corktown Common

Open 24 hours, 7/7
Curated by Ashley Woods

This is an extraordinarily powerful exhibition that pays tribute to a century of peace making and a wide range of peacemakers across the globe. At the same time it serves as a call to action for ordinary citizens to become involved in peace activities of all kinds, and in so doing to promote a global culture of peace.

Federico Mayor Zaragoza, President of the Foundation for a Culture of Peace and former Director-General of UNESCO