Making Peace Pop-up Gallery

A temporary exhibition, dialogue and performance venue, featuring the work of six Canadian-based artists. This includes a creative music & dance program by Toronto-based UNITY, who use break dancing, spoken word poetry, graffiti art and beat boxing. to reach-out and inspire 'at-risk' youth, who may otherwise feel alienated from the community. The Gallery — open 7 days a week (11-7pm) throughout May and June — will hopefully allow people to understand how cultural expression can contribute to social change, reconciliation and sustainable peace.

Note: the gallery is now closed to the public

Special thanks to Dream Unlimited for giving us the opportunity to use use the incredible space in the NEW Canary District of Toronto as a pop-up gallery.

480 Front Street East
Canary District / Corktown

Corner of Tannery Road and Front St East

The pop-up gallery is now closed.
Outdoor photo exhibition remains open till .
Artists include

Sarah Foy

Landed: Together in Canada tells stories of same-sex couples who found refuge here. Non-Canadian couples who immigrated to Canada for the sake of love are the focus of a multimedia installation. The work was inspired by artist Sarah Foy’s own experience as an American love exile in Canada — though in her case her partner, Luise Heyerhoff, is Canadian.

More about Sarah's work.

Samra Habib

"The idea of doing a photography exhibition featuring queer Muslims came to me a couple of years ago. I wanted to show everyone the creative and brilliant LGBTQ Muslims I identified with the most and would hang out with at art shows, queer dance parties and Jumu'ah prayer. So I picked up my camera and decided to photograph what I was witnessing. In the words of the brilliant Dali (who I shot for this project), “we have always been here, it’s just that the world wasn’t ready for us yet.”

More about Samra's work.

Robinder Uppal and Marc Serpa Francoeur

An interactive web documentary and film that explores the diversity of Toronto's Bloorcourt neighbourhood through the stories of its immigrant small business owners. As part of the special installation at the "Making Peace" pop-up gallery, attendees are invited to add their own journey to an interactive origins map that will be filled in by visitors over the course of the exhibition.

More about Marc and Robinder's work.

Mariam Magsi

The Registry is a response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposal to create a registry that tracks Muslims. Categorized neatly, the photographs compartmentalize the bodies of the individuals in burqas.The variety, colour, and humour in the concept brings forth the idiocy and improbability of President Donald Trump’s proposal: the tracking of every living American Muslim, while enforcing strict screening methods on Muslim bodies.

More about Mariam's work | Instagram.

Ford Medina

(Artist in residence)
These live paintings were painted in a style that pays homage to social graffiti artist “Banksy”. They were painted in collaboration with Ford Medina’s son Jett, also an artist, currently attending OCAD. The 5 Colours of Peace references the 5 themes of the Making Peace exhibition.

More about Ford's workInstagram.