What's on

Mandela Streetcar

Jump aboard the 1st ever Mandela Streetcar running along King Street, downtown Toronto, and tell us what you think about our words of inspiration in the inside. Take a 'selfie', and post it to your Facebook or send it to us and we'll add it to the Making Peace Facebook site.

Don't forget to add: #TOmakingpeace

FREE Guided Group Tours

Book now for a free guided 'group' tour of the exhibit by the curator Ashley Woods. Over 10,000+ images were analysed over a two year period, before Ashley made his final selection of the 128 photos that you'll see in the exhibition. Ask him to explain why the photo of Gandhi means so much to him. [email protected].

The Five Mandela's by Ford Medina

If you had visited the Making Peace Gallery in June/July you may have seen and talked to our wonderful resident artist (and designer) Ford Medina, painting the Five Mandela's.

Unfortunately the Making Peace Gallery was a 'pop-up' and is now closed. However, if you are interested in contacting Ford and talking to him about his paintings...simply send us a mail and we will put you in touch. [email protected]